Thursday, 4 May 2017


· The Tories as expected want to talk about BREXIT and to an extent the other parties have to follow their lead. There are of course other issues, not least of which is the future of adult social care, which ultimately will require political decisions to be made.

· So far not much has been said, but then the manifestos have not been published. Who knows what will be in the manifestos on this subject when no party is committed to actual proposals for reform and there is no big idea.

· What we do know is that the Tories if they get back into power will publish a Green Paper in the autumn on the future of adult social care.

· Ideas that have been talked about so far by politicians and other interested parties include:-

1. Requiring people to ring-fence some of the value in their properties to pay for social care received in their lifetime.  The sum of £70,000 has been articulated which of course is the same number as the proposed CAP on how much anybody would have to pay for their care in their lifetime  recommended by Andrew Dilnot in his report prior to the last election.
2. Encouraging people to invest in insurance products and bespoke ISA’s to pay for care.  The only problem with this at present is that no products currently exist combined with the fact that the insurance industry has no appetite for an insurance based solution.
3. People sacrificing on a compulsory basis part of their income and/or paying National insurance contributions beyond the age of retirement. This solution will of course impact most on the less well off in society and at present the politicians don’t have an appetite for imposing this solution on their electorate.

· Given the ageing demographic, which in other situations should be a celebration let us hope that there will be some blue sky thinking by somebody with influence and power.  In particular that any original thought extends beyond loosening the triple lock pension guarantee and integrating the NHS system with adult social care.  Something more is certainly required. Hopefully something constructive will appear in the manifestos of the main parties, which push starts  a political debate and provides a constructive solution.

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