Tuesday, 16 May 2017


· Benjamin Franklin is attributed as saying “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes”. Although the former American founding father is only attributed with this famous quote, one thing today which is certain is that the cost of a funeral is forever rising.

· In 1992 the average cost of a funeral was said to have been £950.  In 2005 it was £3,456 whilst in 2016 it was predicted to have risen to £4,194 and is still rising.

· One of the reasons for the increase is because local councils are trying to offset the cost of cemeteries and crematoria.  This is because of budget pressures elsewhere, not least of which is the cost of adult social care. It is reported that cremation and burial fees have risen by more than inflation in eight out of ten local council areas. The average increase is said to be more than 5%

· This increase converts to average burial fees being £1,755 and cremation fees being £714.  Some say that the increases are akin to a stealth tax. The increases in cost are intended to cover the cost of plots, chapels of rest and ground maintenance.

· A partial solution to the ever rising cost of funerals, allowing you to RIP is to buy your future funeral package at a fixed price today meaning that you do not have to worry about future increasing prices.

· There are two types of funeral plan, being either a whole of life insurance policy which typically takes the form of monthly payments meaning the plan is worth whatever the plan is worth when you die. The alternative is a lump sum payment now for the actual cost of your funeral. Your money is paid into a trust which if regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority guarantees your funeral costs at whatever the price is whenever you die. 

· Whether you want a basic, average or luxury funeral a funeral plan is something which everybody over 50 needs to at least consider.

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