Sunday, 27 February 2011


Did you know that in times gone past ABD acted for a Prime Minister?
Yes a Prime Minister...

ABD is likely to have one of the longest lines of succeeding partners in the Country whereby you can trace the firm back to as early as 1750. They have also acted for a distinguished line of clients who can be traced back to 1804 and earlier!

We are busy creating a time line which will show you the history of the firm and will be on our website for you to see.

The firms original founder was William Salmon (1) who started out in Devizes as a young attorney and was the first of 3 generations of attorneys who served successively as Town Clerk to the Borough of Devizes. He started the firm in 1750. He was then joined by his son William Salmon (2) a shrewd and successful man who owned most of Devizes Castle in 1809 and was known in Devizes as "King" Salmon because not only did he have a successful law practice but he also became a partner in Devizes' first bank called Salmon Tylee and Co.

Henry Addington around the same time was the first British Prime Minister to emerge from the middle classes. He was the son of Doctor Anthony Addington, a leading Physician who had treated King George III. He joined the Government and served under Pitt The Younger. Soon after, he secured a seat in the Commons as the Member for Devizes, Wiltshire. In March 1801 Henry Addington became Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. He also had family connections in Devizes. It was during this period that Salmon and Son acted for Addington in various legal and business matters.

Friday, 18 February 2011


ABD's Marlborough Office
are looking forward to
Solicitor Wayne Elliott
heading up the Litigation Dept.

His role will be to manage the Marlborough Office Department which includes;-

-Personal Injury work

-Financial Miss Selling

-General Civil Disputes

-Professional Negligence

-Sports Law and Equine

ABD was one of the first businesses to open on this Salisbury Road Business Park which has been developing and expanding over the last few years and has become a "happening place".

Born in Bristol and trained at Plymouth University, Wayne is very much looking forward to working in Marlborough and the wider locality as well as becoming involved in the local community.

Wayne will be running FREE NO OBLIGATION initial consultations from
25 February 2011.