Tuesday, 28 August 2018

It's nearly time... The Wolf Run 2018

It's nearly time...

After months of hard work and training, the 1st September is getting ever closer and the Awdry Bailey & Douglas team are ready for the challenge. The hardcore 10K Wolf Run is taking place in ancient woodland trails and deep water crossings in the Midlands. There will be high climbing nets, log walls and the famously fast landslide! Made up of both man-made and natural obstacles, the ABD team will have to run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and swim through the course which is designed to challenge mental and physical strength and skill.

We are delighted to be raising funds for the fantastic Starlight Children's Foundation who support seriously and terminally ill children all over the country during their time in hospital and hospices. We have reached an impressive £615.00 so far, but would love to raise more. Please head to our JUST GIVING page and give what you can to hep this incredibly worthy cause. 

For some further details about the Starlight charity please read on:

Starlight aim to distract children from the pain, fear and isolation they may feel during their time in hospitals and hospices through support, boost boxes full of toys and games to distract them, and organised hospital pantomimes and plays. 

Starlight say that a little fun and distraction can go a long way and help brighten even the darkest days, and one of our members of staff Madison found this completely true when her daughter was supported through her illnesses:

"Starlight were absolutely incredible when my daughter was seriously ill in hospital and for all her out patient visits. I honestly don't think she would have come out of it as well as she has had it not been for Starlight. They got her through every procedure that she was awake for and provided her with such amazing play therapy in between. They're amazing!" 

We want to fundraise for Starlight so that they can keep providing this invaluable helping hand to ill children to make sure that childhood continues inside the hospital and children aren't left feeling anxious and alone at these difficult times. Please do visit our JUST GIVING page and donate anything you can. We are truly grateful.